Palmetto State Barber's Association Chapter 3 CSRA 

Palmetto State Barber’s Association was founded and initiated by Mr. F.L. Ellison in 1960.

Mr. Ellison gave the Association these encouraging words to move forward and beyond as an organization, “Barber, one who shaves and trims the beard and cuts the hair. The trade of barbering is one of great antiquity.”

Inclusively, this organization was founded on behalf of all licensed barbers in the state of South Carolina for the purpose of bringing together a united net  of professional barbers with integrity
loyalty, trustworthiness, to educate and train, to be our brothers’ keeper, to donate to special charity of choice annually, to render community service to provide a college scholarship fund for graduating seniors in good standard with an economical financial need and above all, stand for righteousness

Palmetto State Barber's Association Chapter 3 CSRA-Augusta was organized July 2010. It is the first and only chapter of Palmetto State Barber's Association in Georgia. PSBA Chapter 3 serves 13 counties in the Central Savannah River Area.

Our History

*To encourage the practice of barbering as a profession in South Carolina and Georgia.

*To promote ethical practices and principles within the profession.

*To create and to advance the interest of those in the profession.

*To increase the usefulness of the profession and to provide better customer service at large.

*To create a better understanding and a more meaningful relationship between the barbers of South Carolina and Georgia.

*To encourage and to solicit the membership of all barbers in the state of South Carolina.

*To strive for the establishment of uniform prices for customer services in all shops similarly located.

*To solicit and to encourage the interest and cooperation of all shop owners, managers, and barbers in the bringing about an immediate physical improvement of all shops.

*To strive for the establishment of opening and closing hours for all shops similarly located.

The purpose of the Palmetto State Barbers Association is to enhance the economic stability of South Carolinians and Georgians by promoting barbering as an ethical, useful economically sound means to self-sufficiency.

We’re building self-esteem, developing values and life skills.

PSBA provides resources for the necessary skills to obtain a rewarding and positive future.

Our Objectives

Our Purpose